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By Deleted User 69497
Who would be interested in participating in an RPG that is based around the characters being field mice and having to solve different problems?
By Deleted User 69497
The adventures and characters would be designed around what the players want. So, yes, avoiding predators (cats, snakes, etc), finding alies (dogs, squirrels, etc), having quests, and so on. It would be play by forum so it wouldn't matter what time someone could log in, and others could read the adventure as it goes along.
By Deleted User 69497
Basically, I'll give everyone instructions on how to design their character. I'll be using a very simplistic approach. Once I have characters, I'll set up the initial situation and then the characters will respond with their actions. I'll be resolving all actions (doing dice rolls since this site doesn't have a dice roller) and letting characters know what happens. It will be play by forum so once I post everyone will have a chance to respond to the post with what their characters are going to say / do / etc. I'd ask that only players post on the forum. The next GM post wouldn't come until all players had a chance to respond, or a certain period of time (like 3 days) had passed. It would be slower paced, but more people could participate.
By Deleted User 69497
Since there seems to be enough interest, I'll get something set up.

For those interested, there are two ways this can be handled. Let me know which you prefer:
Method 1: Play by forum. I'll post a scene in the forum and then people respond to it in the forum. This allows people to see what others are doing and react directly. The negative is posts can't be edited and can lead to confusion as players potentially post contradictory things.
Method 2: Play by private chat. Players will post their reactions to me via private chat, and then I'll consolidate those responses into the next forum post. I'd be the only one posting on the forum, but the posts would be more complete and if there are questions or things that need to be clarified, that can be done before the next post. It can also lead to humorous results as players don't know what others are going to do.

This game is meant to be light-hearted and fun, so either method works. I'm going to do it by forum as this will allow people to play regardless of time zone. Posting frequency would be approximately three days or so between scene posts.
By Deleted User 73026
I might recommend two forum posts for this, an OOC / character action forum section, and then a DM story post section, that way it keeps things nice and organized but allows for a hint of chaos that is needed to communicate back and forth between players mayhaps? People can put OOC or Character Action as things before posts to denote if it is character action vs OOC (out of character)
I would imagine just out of sheer logistics keeping it to a standard BBS style would be more efficient and easier to keep straight, private chat could make things hectic to try to keep organized.
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