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Hi hi!

I was just curious if you guys love dinosaurs as much or more than I do?
Do you have a favorite dino, why is that one your favorite?

My love of dinosaurs started with The Land Before Time I absolutely loved this movie so very much, the characters and their personalities made my heart smile. When I was growing up I loved Little Foot so much that Brontosaurus was my favorite for a long time, his unwavering belief even in the face of all their trials made me see him as a strong leader/friend, something that I wanted to be at the time. I also adored Spike(Stegosaurus) and Ducky(I honestly don't know the name of the dino she was :sadno: ). I loved his loyalty and her uplifting nature, she always had something positive to say. My love only grew with the Jurassic Park films, all five of them have made me more and more curious and loving of dinosaurs.

My current favorite dinosaur is the Stegosaurus, I love their armor, the plates and spikes that allow them to protect themselves.

I would love to learn more about all dinosaurs, so much that I've contemplated taking trips to visit the Dinosaur National Monument, it's in both Utah and Colorado(where I live), there is also a Dinosaur Ridge near Morrison, CO where there are trails of fossilized dino prints and exposed bones, along with fossilized plants and insects. There is also a "Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience" which is located near Canon City, CO and the Royal Gorge bridge that has full scale skeleton casts of the dinosaurs, animatronic dinosaurs and interactive displays... sorry my nerd might be showing, but I love museum type stuff like this.

How about you, do you love dinosaurs too?! :craze:
I love dinos! In fact, I took a class about them for one of my science requirements. I don't know why, but Saichania is one of my favorites. I even made a powerpoint about it.

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