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By TeddySamurai
You and your cg (or little if you are a cg) just won a vacation to wherever! Where do you want to go? What kind of things do you want to do?
As it happens, Daddy told me I'd been so good that we could do whatever we want for my birthday, and I picked a trip to the mountains. We're going for a whole week of doing all our favorite things like playing outside and hiking and swimming and chess by the fire and videogames and we hardly ever get to be alone, so that's really what I asked for. But for sprinkles, we get to play whatever I want just us and I'll get all his attention. I can NOT WAIT
We talked about this for hours with Mommy! There isn't one single place that we would like to visit specifically for a getaway. But if we had to choose, it would be Las Vegas! We are such foodies, so we would hit all of the big buffets. And so many shows to watch! So many different interesting things to see, too!

It would be very nice to get to take our Mommy to a place where we have such fond childhood memories, so she gets to see us relive them with glee!

We would love to just get lost in the city and surrounding attractions. Las Vegas is really a cool place!

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