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By TeddySamurai
I said something a little friend did deserved an achievement and it got me to thinking, what would some other video game style achievements be for littles? What about achievements for cgs?
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By SilentBunny
:pinkh: For littles:
Clean up - Successfully cleaned up room/area
Finger lickin good - Ate all food in plate (bonus points if it's not your favorite foods)
Golden baby - Successfully went a month without getting into trouble
For you - Make something special for your caregiver

:pheart: For caregivers:
Charging up - Cuddle/Snuggle with your little to replanish your energy
Play time - Join your little in play time
For you (caregiver version) - Make something special for your little
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By Sunfire

Lightning Reflexes: Spill your juice but catch it before it makes a mess.
The Great Wall: Wait, you have hoooow many stuffies? You did what with them? Now I can't get to the other side of the room!


The bad guy: Successfully resisted the sad puppy eyes without budging an inch.
Potty Mouth: Step super hard on a forgotten Lego piece in the middle of the night.

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