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By Deleted User 62381
Lately, I've found myself curious on what others enjoy doing while in littlespace. I'll share some activities of my own!

—Eating sweets or candy I normally wouldn't eat
—Playing pretend with my plushes/cuddling them
—Playing games I find nostalgic to my childhood
—Downloading and using coloring book pages in MSPaint (I'm much too lazy to buy a physical coloring book)

I'd like to know what kinds of activities y'all get up to while regressing! :–D
Hi! There are a few things I do in little space
🟣 playing with plushies
🟣 playing outside on the playground
🟣playing/watching CG play video games like Mario kart, kingdom hearts
🟣watching Disney movies
🟣trying to dance to kid music/Disney music
🟣 eating sweets
🟣 coloring
🟣 finger painting
🟣 kiddie puzzles
🟣 playing with playdoh
🟣 being read to by CG

It all depends on what age I’ve regressed to as my little age is 2-7
By Deleted User 62111
My little age is 2 months to 12 years. I vary in between, but I do have a kitten side too. But for my little side things that I like to do are;
- Color in coloring books (for my preteen self I have ones with swear words in them he he he.) but for my littler self I have one with googly eyes and every page has holes cut out for all the zoo animals so you can see their googly eyes through every sheet =)
- I like to play video games, webkinz was my go to for my littler self, but it's not as free as it used to be, all about memberships now. But I play other games as my middle self.
-I watch movies
-I take lots of day naps
-I stay up late
-I eat irresponsibly (Not great, but I'm impulsive by nature and I don't have anyone managing me so while it's not great at the end of the day I do binge on treats when I feel like eating that is. Sometimes I'm too preoccupied to feel hungry that day.)
-I like to draw pictures, I use jumbo crayons and I hold them wrong because it's more fun when it's not all about being percise
-I like to play with legos as my bigger self
-I like to bake sweets
-I like to cuddle my stuffies
-I like to dress up and go out into town and show off my crazy outfits
-I like to garden in my sunroom (I'm building an indoor garden)
-I like to play with my pets
-I like to stare at my fish and my crawfish in their tanks
-I like to babble to myself any anyone who cares to listen
-I like to break off into bad singing when I think of random song lyrics in my head
-I like to dance randomly to tunes I think up or remember
-I like to spend hours doing puzzles
-I like to binge cartoons and shows, I happen to like Power Rangers Super Samurai
-I like climbing onto things, and napping in high up places (but this might just be my kitten side, but I will climb the cupboards in search of treats)
-I like to read
-I like to play with toys
- like to play pretend with my imaginary friends
-I like to collect new hobbies, I like binging on things, hobbies are very distracting and entertaining to me no matter the type as long as it has potential to keep me occupied, which is a generally easy task to do. I'm very distractable.
I do a lot of stuff, but I'm also pretty out there so I'm not embarrassed to take colouring books and crayons and diapers to the counter if I want them. And if they ask I'm not too scared to tell them they're for me and my hobbies.

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