Would you rather? This or that? What's your favorite? Let's have fun!
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By CookieDoe
Hey! Hi little friends! I got a great idea! Let's see how many wonderful, sweet, joyful, lovely things we notice as we go through our day! For instance, I was looking out my window this morning, and I got to see a honey bee going from flower to flower collecting pollen! I also got to see a bird flying by. Yesterday, the sunlight in the dandelion puffs made me smile. That's the idea! So many people go about the day just rushing around, trying to get everything checked off their to-do list. But we littles tend to naturally see the world through childlike eyes, and take pleasure in the little things! I hope you'll play this game with me! Have fun! :craze: -CookieDoe
By Deleted User 58202
Thats a great idea today i saw a baby cow running in the grass and a bird building a nest, and then there was a big centipede crossing the road it was massive and i saw a fish jump in the river
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By AlleyKat
I saw my cat play with her toy, she was so funny. Then I saw a cloud that look like a big boat (the sky looked like the sea because it was so blue).
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By CookieDoe
Ohmygosh! I love that! I saw the sunset too! I thought in part of it looked like strawberry lemonade and another part looked like blueberry milk. Then, it looked like a pink and blue sidewalk chalk drawing that got rained on!

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