Would you rather? This or that? What's your favorite? Let's have fun!
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It is the gift-giving season, as they say. Whoever they are, right?
Well, which sort of present do you think you would prefer to receive: a gift that directly caters to you being a little (something commonly "little") or a gift that generally caters to you as an adult person (not traditionally "little")
Which one do you personally feel would be more fulfilling or happy as a person who is little?

This is just a silly question. We know all presents are lovely to have received and we should always be grateful for gifts. It's really okay to pick one or the other. There is no wrong answer!
I would be grateful for any gift someone gave me.

That being said, I think I would prefer something that brings the big and the little sides of me together. One example of this would be the Lego Architecture sets they have out there.

But apart from that, I would want something oriented to the little side of me.
Personally, this is a yearly problem for me. I certainly appreciate anything I get, I just like getting gifts haha, doesn't really matter what it is. But my parents always want a Christmas/birthday list from me, since they're around the same time. And I can never think of any "adult" presents I want. But I always have a huge list of little stuff I want, but can't ask for. So I always buy one or two things for myself, wrap them up and write From: Santa on them. ::p: That way I have something fun to open Christmas Morning. :craze:

Although this year might be different. I've told a couple family members about being a little. And for the first time, no one's asked me for a list. And from the sounds of it, my sister is getting me Lego. And she said she was going to help my mom pick something for me. So I'm very curious to see what I'm getting this year. :-?:
I usually get at least one present to use when I'm little (ex: stuffie, footie pajamas, or a truck). Then the rest of my presents are big stuff. I would be happy even if I didn't get anything as long as I'm with my friends and family :stuffie:
My family knows that I'm little, I came out of the toy box to them two years ago, so I usually get a combination of little and big gifts for birthdays and xmas from them(I celebrate Yule but most of my family celebrates xmas), which is really helpful and awesome. My handful of close friends also know, and that also makes things easier.
I don't have a CG, so the acceptance from my family and friends is really comforting and helps support me being a single little. I'm very thankful for it.
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