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So my sister just had her first child and I was shopping for some little baby clothes for her. I saw the cutest little onesie that was light pink and some flowers. It said little princess in swirly gold letters and had a tutu attached. I've never tried a onesie before, but I don't think I would like it. So if it was made adult-sized I would probably wear some type of bottoms with it. Or I'd want it to be like a shirt/tutu set instead.
When I was a kid and presented as female I would wear a bunch of different Disney princess nightgowns. I kinda miss them because I have sensory issues and have trouble finding comfortable pajamas that look nice, especially since I only wear men's clothing now. When I'm further in my medical transition I might look for some nightgowns again :heart:
I wish cute ruffly swimsuits and cosplays of those Japanese kindergarten uniforms were easier to come by. I know a lot of taobao shops do lolita swimsuits that are like what I want but taobao with a shipping service is expensive. And bodyline has done cosplays of Japanese kindergarten uniforms but they're a little pricey for me to get rn. If only the kindergarten uniform ones were common enough that like amazon cosplay shops and stuff could have them so they'd be easier to get.
So a couple of things crossed my mind and others might have mentioned them. An adult playground? They may have these already, but I seriously think I would love something like this.
Or jewelry that has like Disney action figures or things like dinosaurs, My Little Pony, ect.
Also certain clothes, I go to the store and see all these cute little pajamas or daily outfits that have tutus or frilly ends. I wish they made them for adult sizes.
Also bedding, adult queen-king sized beds where I can find a quilt and pillow set that is for Littles would be fantastic. The only sizes I have been able to come across or full or twins, once you reach that queen-sized bed it's all adult designs on the fabric. I want them to have flowers or cars, dinosaurs, trains, sparkly animals, and even space images on them would be super cool! :angel:
This might be silly cause I guess technically people are actually making clothes styled like this but, Children's clothes. Children have the most cutest, my colorful outfits with the best patterns and stuff that I wish I could wear that I could just buy from the store and not just online.
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