Would you rather? This or that? What's your favorite? Let's have fun!
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Which one of these drinking options makes you personally feel more fulfilled and/or happy as a little and/or while regressed?
I feel more little with a sippy cup because I usually don’t have to worry about spilling. With a juicebox, I have to feel a little less regressed since I have to make sure I don’t ruin every light colored surface in my house :rofl: Sippy cups also come in cute cartoon designs and bright colors and are reusable which makes my big self feel a little better. I feel younger with a sippy cup because there’s less worry of spills and accidents while I’m playing. :stuffie:
Given the options, I'd go with sippy for two reasons. 1, it's better for the environment (much, much better when you consider the straw). 2, you can water down juice in a cup, but not from a box. Also you can put anything in a cup.
Sippy Cups!!! for literally all of the reasons already stated. Also, you can but other drinks in them, depending on what you want, whereas you are limited with whatever is in a juice box. 8-) :fight: :fight: :fight:
I feel more little when I have a juice box for some reason :pacy: I really don't know why. But I do love sippy cups just as much!
OMG! That's so tough!
I love a juice box when I'm playing or drawing! Basically doing an activity.
But like a sippy is so good for when you're finally calming down after a long day.
By Gracie136
Sippy cup because I feel smaller and daddy doesn’t have to worry about me spilling also they are cute

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