Would you rather? This or that? What's your favorite? Let's have fun!
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By Deleted User 51423
I have four main stuffies and a couple smaller travel stuffies for when I miss my daddy in the day. My favorite is a big pastel rainbow kitty with starry eyes, so she's my star. I have a daddy bunny that I got for my daddy being a rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac. Then there's
" kitty" from monsters (one of my favorite movies) and Harry - a pink unicorn that daddy named. When I'm a really good girl, I get a new one! πŸ’—
My favourite was a gift from a Daddy-ish figure in my life, and its a beautiful bear named Gruffy Paterson the Brave. He protects me and helps me face big girl situations that I don't want to deal with :arr:
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By kylamoony
I have so many stuffie names but my favourites are
Brownie, a smallish leapard who I've had for 14 years now
Bread, a small round cat that looks like a loaf
Nomnom, a huuge elephant stuffie, I used to nibble on it's nose and the sounds I made doing that made my parents and I call it Nomnom's ::3:
By Deleted User 53097
Mine is a black dragon and her name is Anora, its my very first stuffie that Daddy got me just a week ago when we went to breakfast one morning.
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By Satan
I have a few stuffies. Sir Baa Baa was the first stuffie I bought knowing I was a little. I had stuffies before that but Sir Baa Baa is special to me. :pinkh:
I also have Marshmallow who is a lamb.
Floppy, the bunny.
Spot who is a zebra.
Mr. Fox who is a big squishable!
Kote which is my gray heating bad stuffie.
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