Would you rather? This or that? What's your favorite? Let's have fun!
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Here's another fun question. What are somethings that you absolutely have to have to fall asleep? Mine would have to be a fan running or some sort of white noise machine and a plushie between my arms. What are some of the things you have to have?
For me, I has a routine before I can go sleepies. . I have to have had a bath, and be in a fresh diaper. I cannot sleep if I am wet, so this often means a diapee change before night nights too. Then I am all tucked in snuggly and warm and given my paci, a bottle of chocolate milkies and my most favoritsest stuffed aminal. When I have all of these things and I have followed my routine, I can fall asleep fairly easily.
I need at least one stuffed animal to fall asleep. I like to have my teddy bear Hugo with me. Sometimes I'll have another stuffie with me to protect me, like my stuffed dog Mary. I've had her since I was two! This isn't neccesary for me to fall asleep, but sometimes I like to listen to forest sounds as I fall asleep. It's very relaxing.
I absolutely need my two favorite stuffies to cuddle and my phone because me and daddy like to be on the phone when we sleep because it's like we're sleeping together, the background noise helps both of us sleep, and so my daddy can listen out for me when I sleep. That's mainly because of an incident where I woke up one time not being able to breathe :xp: , but if there's absolutely no way me and daddy can sleep on the phone then I usually play music instead. Other than that there's not much I need to sleep except for when me and daddy sleep together, then I need a fan because when daddy gets cold his body gets hot and Both me and my room get hot really easily which will make me overheat and get sick. :sick:
I need to have as many plushies as possible. I have a huuuge care bear named Big Blue and I sleep with her every night, but I have many more too. I can sleep peacefully when I'm surrounded by my cute friends.
Well I always have Eeyore with me wherever I go be it at home, on vacation or when having sleepovers or something, I literally can't without him because I get anxious. It's something so regular that nobody even questions it anymore even if no one of my rl friends know about my little side. Another thing is that I absolutely can't sleep with some kind of background noise, if it's too quiet and the only thing to hear is my own breathing or my own heartbeat I'm bound to get a panic attack (for whatever reason, I never found out why that is). So I'll listen to music sometimes, mostly soothing stuff, ballads and instrumental things. Audiobooks and plays are another thing I like and currently I listen to a bunch of bedtime stories. (Cbeebee Bedtime Stories anyone? I made audiorips of quite a lot of them and they put me at ease) If I feel particularly little and/or anxious when going to bed I have a paci to focus on... so yeah that's mostly my bedtime routine.
What are somethings that you absolutely have to have to fall asleep?
Personally, I have to have my favorite stuffed teddy bear, my favorite soft blanket, a paci, and a freshly filled sippy! I don't feel comfy or safe until me and Daddy say our good-nights, either. I love to hear his voice before bed /.\
I need a bath, then hugs, and then I need to sleep with my blankie, and my two favorite plushies, and I have to have a lamp because I don't like the dark, and also I need background noise so I put on the Lion King. After that all I need is my chocolate milk and then I can fall asleep! :sleep:
Definitely a fresh diaper. My favorite stuffed animal Foxy (I think you can guess what animal she is.🦊), and my paci. I usually have music or a long YouTube video playing as sort of white noise. I can’t get to sleep without some kind of noise in the background.
My night time essentials are:
-A diaper, I've developed a bit of a bed wetting problem over the past couple years, so they are sort of essential.
-Jammies, or a onesie, because I like feeling adorable. ::p: Plus I move around a lot, so this way my diaper tapes don't get pulled off.
-My favorite stuffie, Duk Duk. I usually have a bunch in my bed, but Duk Duk is essential. And take him (discreetly) pretty much everywhere.
-My super soft and cute blankie.
-A baby bottle full of water. (Although after seeing these comments I might switch to chocolate milk) -And my Pacifier.
Even when I go somewhere overnight, I make sure I have a room to myself or just get a hotel room, so I can still have all the "essentials". And the very rare time I can't, I always bring my stuff anyway. It comforts me a little knowing I at least have Duk Duk nearby. Even if I can't bring him out. :tears:
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