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Would you rather? This or that? What's your favorite? Let's have fun!
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playing with cars and race cars like hot wheels make me feel little. when i was small, i used to wish i could have a hot wheels track of my own. we didn't get them until my baby brother came along. i don't drive, so playing with cars is perhaps the closest i will come to guiding the real thing.

i also like the cars that ou rev up and then let go and they speed away. i think i have one of them in my toy chest. i have to look, tomorrow.
Definitely animal crossing, I've been playing since the GameCube game and I find it to be reeealt relaxing. I also like tomodatchi life, dress up games on my phone, line play, and pokemon emerald.
Flower is fantabulous! Ummm.. Startropics (nes), Minecraft, Spore, Journey. Little Big Planet is fun, if I can stop putting stickers on everything in game long enough to actually play. Lol
Myst games (3 is fave)... but they are so hard! I just like looking at them sometimes.
Pokemon Red, the OG version. I even remember the day, time, and my first ever starter! Otherwise, the Legend of Zelda OoT and James Bond Nightfire (great for sleepovers imho) both for the Gamecube!!!!
Board games always work for me like:

Video Games:
Kirby's magic yarn
Mario Kart
Candy Crush

When im little, I like to play these online mini games at - they are really cute and fun!!
I also love playing Pokemon (both the card game and the video game)
Games I love to play with daddy are: Gangbeasts, Overcooked & Overcooked 2, and Minecraft

also for some reason.. when i play Skyrim i sometimes get into littlespace... its really weird and i dont know why XD
BilingualLittle wrote: 5 years ago When I saw games, I thought you meant like hide and seek, peek a boo, duck duck goose. (Which I like all of those btw). For computer, I like building in Mine craft (reminds me of legos), Stardew Valley, and language learning gamers. I also really like to open cases for in order to get skins for weapons in cs go.
Good day. Indeed, minecraft is a game from childhood. Also now sometimes I can go to play counter-strike, with this game there are a lot of good memories from my childhood.
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