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I'd like to know if there are any other gaming littles, and if so could you suggest any games that make you feel little? I use Slime Rancher and Spore when I'm in little space (They are both on Steam, Slime Rancher for 19.99, Spore for also 19.99) their both non-violent, (well, Spore kind of is but no bloodshed) and in my opinion quite cute :) :shuff:
I like playing Sailor Moon Drops, My Boo, Little Pet Shop, Steven Universe: Attack the Light, and also used to play FB games like Farmville, Cupcake Corner and stuff until like 8yrs ago when they decided to make it just about impossible without in-app purchases and the game runs slow as sh**. ^_^

Little Big Planet is kinda fun too. I rly liked 1 & 2.
And Terraria.
By Deleted User 36375
Hi! I don't really play a lot of games but the one I
play is on my phone. Its the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp app! It's just so cute, you can customize your character and decor your camp. The music is very relaxing and talking to cute animals just makes me want to giggle. There is also some little furniture that you can craft and make your camp look like a little nursery. There are some animals like Carrie (the kangaroo) that often calls you Little One! Its highly addictive though xD
So, I don't know if these games count, but because my little age is so young, I really like playing peek-a-boo and hide and seek, but sometimes I will play on my tablet just some puzzles or I have a drawing app that I like too. I also love to make music so I have an app on their that's like a piano and I can make sounds with it too. Sorry, if these weren't quite the answers you were looking for.
I play any little learning games like ones used for really easy math or spelling I also play board games (online due to the fact I don’t have a partner to play IRL) that are for toddlers or younger. These are some of the things I play
hello!! i like to play dress up games mainly and sometimes i go on sites like disney junior & try out the games on there. my personal favourite at the moment is doc mc stuffins clinic !! i used to play terraria which is fun and super cute as well !! stardew valley is nice too :>
spore is one of my littlespace games too! but on my old shiny blue nintendo DS, instead of PC.
other games that i love in littlespace are also ones from my actual childhood, like cooking mama (ds), sims pets (ds), minecraft (xbox) because it's so relaxing and simple, mysims (wii) for the same reasons, and all the flash/dressup games i can find! oh and i loooove moshi monsters, with its bright colours and cute minigames i could never get bored~
By EmTheDemiFairy
I like all my Sonic The Hedgehog mobile games. **************************************************************************************************************************
I just got my little this game on the Xbox one called "Fe". You play as an adorable fox looking thing that sings to other forrest animals to defeat evil. It's a fun and beautiful game that gets her into little space every time.
When I saw games, I thought you meant like hide and seek, peek a boo, duck duck goose. (Which I like all of those btw). For computer, I like building in Mine craft (reminds me of legos), Stardew Valley, and language learning gamers. 😁

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