Would you rather? This or that? What's your favorite? Let's have fun!
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Ma' Daddy #1
But I have a lamb plushy that he bought me around Easter this year.
Before that I had two large teddies and a seal, but they needed to retire from Snugglework :"3

Whenever Daddy goes to get on the bed I have to throw all my plushies off to make room. lol
'Cuz he's amazing and bought me a really pretty new bed this year, but it's a Double so there's not as much space.
And bless his heart <3 he's too tall for it but he got it for me anyway. I just can't even. :heart:
My favorite thing to cuddle with is my puppie :nodyes: :splode: she's warm and soft and snuggly and cute. but sometimes she doesn't want to snuggle though, so then snuggle up in my fluffy soft blanky with my elephant and bunny stuffies. :stuffie: :heart:
My favorite thing for cuddles is my stitch plushie. He's super big and blue and he gives amazing cuddles! Mommy bought him for me in Florida. I like to snuggle with my kitties too but they aren't as happy about it. They'd rather I cuddle my stuffies lol!
I have many stuffies but I mostly just play with them. I actually like cuddling my pillow best! Its really squishy and big. I thought about getting a body pillow but they always seem so sexualised, yuk. I just want a big squishy with no limbs to get in the way.
Mine is a pink unicorn my father bought me when I was in the hospital. Her name is Pinkie and shes just big enough that I can cuddle without being too big and making it unable to hold her close. Shes nice and fuzzy and I adore her! Her horn sometimes pokes me in the face but shes the bestest!
My favorite thing to cuddle with is either my red dinosaur stuffie that I've had since birth. I also like to cuddle with my pink google eyed monster stuffie. Those are my two favorite stuffies. I love them both so much. I like having my stuffies to cuddle with.
My all time favorite thing to cuddle is my stitch stuffie! :heart: :stuffie: he is so nice and soft and was a veeeerrrrrry special gift so i make sure to hold it while i sleep or watch scary movies :shook: ! i also hold him when i get cold or loney or sad. he's my very very very special friend! :stuffie:
I love to cuddle anything really but if I hoped to always have something to cuddle it would be my big stuffed moose! I love moose and my stuffie is the bestest ever. I also really love to cuddle my blankie. It’s small meant for a baby but it had Winnie the Pooh all over it and it’s always been in my life for as long as I can remember.
I love cuddling with Bunni, Bunni is the one I cuddle to fall asleep, I cannot fall asleep without him. I love all my other stuffies too they are surrounded by me too. but when I have the possibility, to my most favorite thing to Cuddle is Daddy :D He loves cuddling me too, but encourages cuddling my stuffies when I feel sad.
I don’t have any stuffies with me at school because I just got comfy with my little side, but I have this giangantic, fluffy, green blankie! :stuffie: I just love to wrap myself in it like a fluffy burrito! It’s so comfy and warm and safe! My roommates get jealous cause it’s just so BIG!!! :craze:

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