Would you rather? This or that? What's your favorite? Let's have fun!
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I have a pillow with a picture of a shibu inu printed on it and his name is Shooshy. He's always giving me this look like ಠ_ಠ 'when we goin to sleep?' so i smother him i mean cuddle him and he's so cute and clueless. I also have a teeny tiny beanie baby that is a lion and he gets lost in the blankeys but I go to sleep with him in my hand sometimes.
By IBelongToMyDaddy
Mine is my stuffed bunny from build a bear, a stuffed tiger, and a life-sized pillow when i'm lonely :3 They make me feel happy when I'm sad and remind me that one day I'll have a daddy or a mommy that'll care about me and my little space, and that right now I can take care of myself until that day comes :D
My favorite thing to cuddle with is a little, the cute little sound's they make and how they snuggle close if you try and wiggle free makes them the best cuddler ever in my opinion. As a wise man once said: "Daddy's favorite stuff is his little" *chuckles*
My favorite things to cuddle with are all of my stuffies! I have lost and lots to keep me company but one of them is a pink and white dog whos name is John. My grandma got really sick and kept john with her in the hospital and she loved him so so much but she went to heaven in February but she left John to my mother who then gave it to me because she knows how much i love stuffies. He sleeps with me every night ( i do not think i could sleep without him) And he is my bestest friend in the whole world. :heart: :sleep: :hugs:
My all time fav thing to cuddle wif is my puppy!! Hes so soft and warm. But i has a big issue with chewing while i seep so sometimes i bite him. But he doesnt mind much. I use to haf teddies bit i chew them up too much. I also has a warm fluffy blankie wif pretty stars all over it.
My favorite is my lamby!!!!! He is actually a ram but that's his name! Lamby is soft and yellow with a little blue bow. He has the :3 face also has suppperrrr squishy and ovally shaped! Me and my two besties all bought one in a different color so when we hang out we can all snuggle with them together!!! He's even better when I can be wrapped in my snuggly purple blankie.
I used to have a realllllllyyyyyt big teddy but he broked :tears: now I have a really big pillow and a tigger stuffie that I likes to cuddle. I also have a pink blank is that I likes to cuddle under when I get cold, or just wanna be nice and cozy :stuffie:
:sleep: My favourite thing to cuddle with has to be my puppy! So few emojis but this one is spot on.

Favourite stuffie though is my cat! He thinks he is a lion but is really quite small :-( I think he is my puppy’s favourite stuffed toy too. We quite often go on adventures together when we travel.
Mine are my stuffies Hedwig and Melman!! I got Hedwig as a gift a couple of years ago and she's a white and golden owl that fits perfectly in the crook of my arm! And Melman is a superrrrr soft giraffe that rattles and is amazing to fall asleep curled up with! They always sleep with me!
My favorite thing to cuddle with is my giant Stitch stuffie that I got when I went to Disney. I just love him because he is so big and super soft. I have tons more stuffies that I like to cuddle with like my two wolves but Stitch is my absolute favorite!

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