Would you rather? This or that? What's your favorite? Let's have fun!
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Mine is so lame and boring but it's just call 'little friend' or 'our little friend' it is quite a sweet name for something that makes me feel so icky, if sounded funny when my ex used to say is our little friend here yet?, hahahaha, I always just say that my tum tum hurts, and then I get to have cuddle and extra candy yayayaaya
I usually call it girl time and I call the "accessories" girlies, but I may change that soon cuz I love some of the ones I've seen here. <3
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Shark week is a favorite of mine. My mom called it that and I knew why. Bad times were coming
I also like to go with cloud time since it shows they have Pad or tampon. Its just Good thing to say to not raise a lot of eyes and it's easy to put in a sentence
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By P00H834R
So may not be tactfull but shark week at cooch creek is my favorite one but everybody knows aunt flo lols hormone monstress from the show big mouth was epic xD and the hormone monster when the kid called him the puberty fairy he was i may fool around with guys but i aint a fair im the hormone monster xD love that show anyways like i said shark week at cooch creek is my favorite one but therez a bunch riding the cotton piny and the red badge of courage is good ones
I've heard people call it aunt Aggie and say 'aunt Aggie is coming to visit' lol
I call it the satanic waterfall lol 😂 Blood bath, just Satan in general..
People call it the rags , 'I'm on me rag' lol sometimes I call it that too
Some of those are really funny lol
I used to jus say my tummy hurt when it was that time of the month as an excuse to not have to interact with anybody cuZ I get real grumpy / moody so usually they would leave me alone. I don't have a single nickname I use but I've called it leak week or monthly subscription cx
We've always called it "slowly bleeding to death". But that's not really cute. I really like grump week, though, because I am always surly during that time because everything hurts from head to toe and I just want to curl up in a ball and take a week off. There might be a way to incorporate a snail into that or something.

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