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Hi y'all, inquiry here... does anyone have nicknames for "that time of month"? We all have nicknames for almost everything else, like for me Juice is my Wine, and Root Beer is Beer, etc. However I haven't come up with anything tactful yet. Although I have been calling tampons Slim Jims for years πŸ˜‚
I started my cycles soon after my 11th birthday so I was still pretty young. I'm not sure how exactly it came to be but we referred to it as "being girlsick" when I had my period. Maybe just because I had bad periods, was the only girl in the house, and felt sick? We were a different sort of household though and the subject was always on the table for discussion even though I lived with my dad and two brothers.

"Ah, I don't really want to go right now. I'm really bad girlsick."

"I'm going to be girlsick soon."

"I have to go to the doctor over some girlsick problems."

"She doesn't want to talk on the phone right now. She's girlsick and in bed taking a nap."

"You look extra pale. Are you girlsick?"
Oooo i wuvvvvvvvvv absolutely wuvvv nicknames. I wuvv anyting new my daddy calls me but i mus say i wuvv wen daddy caws me qubie an he jus got dis new nickname of chrissy or crissy idk kno how to spell it but he came up wit dat wen he heard me call myself crystal an wen he realized dat dats wat my fam caws me. Anyways yea i wikey dows to an oh he dosent like bein called babygirl or fo guys babyboy. I wuv wen daddy says babygur or baaaaaby. Its so cute an i wuvv it
I have an embarassing story about this, but calling tamps, "LIGHTSABERS" was done by me for a very long time. Just saying, sorry to any star wars fans I might have offended in this post. As for that time of month in itself, I would call it "pout-pout time."
By PrincessPea
little river of death
red zoned
icky girl prob
grumpy week
red rampage
blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
icky wickie
moodie week
i hate eve
i dunno any mores. hmmm some of my fwiends call it the red death. reperiod. davinci code
periods are nots icky though. its a very natural things and it shoulds just beez imbraced to the fullests
I don't really see the need for nicknames for this type of problems that girls have mainly because I just refer to is as "that time of the month" however this is just me and I am not a girl anyways so I never really give this topic too much thought.
I really like the nicknames that others have given too though and some of them are actually pretty good. I can't give any nicknames off the top of my head but I will have to start thining of some.
I can already imagine making a nickname and saying it in front of my mom or sister while they are drinking something just to make them do a spit-take!
By ALittleResigned
I call it the "girl flu" no matter what! Mine can be really irregular, so it fits more than most nicknames. If I'm really little, I call it my PeeMee, that sounds silly and like something else, hehe, but I think it's cute. Like: "I have my peemee right now, Daddy ! "
I normally call it "hell" but that's just because my cramps are so awful. I'm trying to think up a nickname for when I get it as a little and the only thing I can think of is "moody time." I'd have to be in little space to come up with something better though. All the ones I'm thinking of now aren't really appropriate for a little to say
My favorite is "shark week"! It's cuter than "that time of the month", but it it's gender neutral (and perfect for boys who are uncomfortable with that time). Also it's something you could say around people who don't know about little stuff/don't like little stuff, because it sounds more like a cutesy nickname than baby talk. (Not to say there's anything wrong with baby talk, it's just nice to have options for when it's not appropriate.)
Oh my goodness! You guys are so creative! I never really came up with a nickname for mine, I always just called it my time of the month. I really like some of the things you mentioned though like being girlsick, or the names you have for tampons and such. I think I am going to start using some of those nicknames! Thank you for the ideas! This was a really good post!
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