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Would you rather? This or that? What's your favorite? Let's have fun!
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By Deleted User 73026
Eeeep, some of my littlespace games are odd, I played age of empires since I was like 5 so it kind of imprinted on me and I can enjoy suckling a paci while looking at galactic domination in Stellaris for instance. So my answer is going to be more so introspective. The little games you and everyone else enjoy will be unique to a degree. Of course there are age appropriate games that have been mentioned above that can help put you into that headspace, or supplement it. But I feel if you were raised a gamer think of some of the earliest games you played that inspired you to keep playing and look for games along that genre. Approach them with the intent and wild eyed wonder you had as a child and WHAM there you are.
Personally, I'm not much of a fan of board or video games. But when I'm in little space I really like to play with dolls, stuffies, those kitchen set toys, and stuff like that. I also like games where you pretend like dress-up or mermaids if I'm in the pool.
Video games: Anything by Humongous Entertainment, Animal Crossing, lots of other retro games
Board games: Nothing super specific, but feeling little and playing games is great
Toys: I love playing games with legos, vintage fisher price people, and lots of other toys too
By Deleted User 75184
I like Animal Crossing & Minecraft because it's like have a never ending lego set with every piece ever made. I created a fairy land and now a pirate land. It's so easy to have little snacks and mindlessly build heart shaped fountains :D
I've not played many board games in my life, I never had friends or anyone who ever wanted to do anything with me, but my grandpa had this old game I loved called Crossbows and Catapults, which had you build castles using oversized lego bricks and try to break them using rubber band slingshot projectiles. I also loved Mole in the Hole too, even though I never really had anyone to play with.

As for video games, pretty much anything I find to be feel good or fantastical in theme, Animal Crossing, Phantom Brave, Spark the Electric Jester, Katamari, NiGHTS into Dreams, Stardew Valley, Yoshi's Island.
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