Would you rather? This or that? What's your favorite? Let's have fun!
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Unfortunately most of the snacks I would like to eat in Littlespace, I can't. I have a condition called GERD which is basically a severe form of acid reflux.

However, so far, I have discovered that my favorite Littlespace snacks are PB and J (even though I shouldn't be eating peanut butter, thanks GERD), baby carrots, apples (Peeled and sliced), animal cookies, anything from hostess/Little Debbie (Which, again I usually regret eating later) and character soups (The ones put out by Campbell with Princess/Cars/Star Wars shaped noodles. Or Chicken and Stars).

I don't mind Chef Boyardee sometimes. Dinosaurs and meatballs used to be my favorite. I also really like cheese dogs with ketchup(Especially if they're sliced to look like an octopus 🐙). Disney shaped waffles are good too even though I prefer pancakes 😋. I don't mind buttered noodles or just plain white rice with butter and salt.

I can't really eat McDonald's much and even when I do, I'm usually with family so I don't get the kid's meal. But I want to.
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