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You think about not having diaper on. You sleep with thumb in your mouth. You pretend water bottles are baby bottles. You think if only I had daddy. You watch the same kids movie over and over again. You love unicorns. You spend time looking toys in the store.
You make a "squeee!!" Noise whenever Mommy or your caregiver calls you adorable or something similar
You make the same noise when they hand you a new stuffie.
You have more binkys than the baby isle at Wal-Mart does and more variety of binkys than babies r us
You know you're a little when you make grabbie hands at your friends to let them know you need a hug, and you need hugs every hour.
You know you're a little when all your blankets are cartoon print, and your idea of a date is cartoons and cuddles.
Ooh! Ooh! You know your little when you have to go to Staples for printer paper, and you get distracted by a sweet box of crayons. (In my defense, it was a 64 pack of crayolas. With the crayon sharpener!!)🖍
You know you're a little when :

When you create a little wish list

When most of the things in your Amazon shopping cart are stuffies

When you have to have a binky with you or when you go to sleep.

When you have to have a bottle before bed

When your jaw hurts, but you continue sucking on your binky

When your stuffy falls off the bed and you feel gulty for hours on end

When you listen to a toddler audio book before bed.

When all you want to do is wear onesies

When most of your music are kid songs or broadway musicals.
Omg these are so good.

- When someone says they have daddy issues and you assume they mean their caregiver (I did this once oops!)
- When you feel bad for not giving some of your stuffies enough attention
-All you really want to do all day is watch Blue's Clues, Handy Manny, and/or Doc McStuffins.

-Most of your Christmas gifts this year are going to be Blue's Clues merch.

-You take your Genie plush everywhere cause being big is tough without him.
-you play online dress up/makeover games, even the Japanese ones despite not being able to understand Japanese

-you get upset when someone criticizes or tries to get rid of “little” toys/games/movies from your past

-you brush your stuffed animals

-you still wear pigtails as an adult woman and don’t give a darn

-you didn’t stop believing in Santa until you were a teenager

-you download music from kid’s shows/movies

-you have a favorite Chipette or Powerpuff Girl

-you have ever pretended to be a fictional character when it wasn’t for Halloween or a cosplay

-you get angry when people criticize “kawaii” fashion like pastel goth, menhera, Lolita, soft grunge, fairy kei, or visual kei

-you watch doll stop-motions on YouTube, mainly featuring Baby Alive, LOL Surprise, Barbie, Monster High, Ever After High, DC Superhero Girls, American Girl, or any similar brand

-you shop for jewelry or makeup in the kid’s section

-the toy aisles are the highlight of your shopping trips

-you own one of those “best friends” things like a necklace or a bracelet

-you’d want to see a kid’s band in concert

-you love smelly markers
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