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Hello, all!! I really like K-pop and I only have a few friends who do as well. I was curious about how many here liked K-pop as well. My bias group is SHINee, but I love BTS a lot too!! I have a lot of music videos I love, including TaeMin's "Sayonara Hitori" and BTS's "Spring Day". I like "Descendants of the Sun", "Coffee Prince", and "Noble, My Love" are some of my favorite K-dramas as well!!
hi friend.

i am a BTS fan since end of 2016
My biases are Suga, Jungkook and Jimin.
I ship Yoonmin, Sope, maybe Sugakookie (?) and jikook

I also like VIXX (Leo and Ravi), Boyfriend (Jo Kwangmin and Jo Youngmin), GOT7 (Jackson and Bambam), f(x) (Amber).

nice to know that there is another K-Pop fan in here. :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
very few ppl in here likes Kpop, Mostly other things
I love K-Pop!! I've always been a bigger fan of girl groups but I love BTS and Got7. My favorite girl groups are Twice, Girls Generation, and Red Velvet. I've never watched any K-Dramas before but I've been looking for suggestions so I'll definitely try out the ones you said.
Annyeong :heart: 😊💕 i love kpop groups like bts and day6 :)) my main fandom is ARMY. namjoon is my bias and hobi yoons tae jimin kookie and jin are my bias wreckers :yay: my fave bts song is dope, i like it, spring day...And LOVE YOURSELF is awesomeeee !!! I love mic drop and dimple 😆💓 Day6 are an instrument band. YoungK and Jae are my fave. My favourite day6 song is how can i say and i loved you 💓
By HoneyJamie
Hello! I really really love K-Pop! Especially BTS, BIGBANG and ASTRO :)
My absolute bias is Suga and my bias wrecker is Moonbin. I love “MIC drop” by BTS and “Baby” by ASTRO very much right now.
I haven’t really watched many K-Dramas so far, but I really enjoyed “Hwarang” and “Bride of the Water God”... I’ll definitely check out the ones you suggested!
Nice to meet you all!
I love K-Pop!! I stan soooo many groups! Like BTS, GOT7, BAP, VIXX, Monsta X, and I'm just getting into NCT! I started watching and listening to it last year and I'm sooo glad I did because it literally changed my life! Lol. I'm happy to know that other people like K-Pop here too!
Hey! ^^

I love Kpop!
My favorite groups are BTS, NCT, and Seventeen ♥
My biases are V, Yuta, and S.Coups (I seem to have a thing for unique mouths/smiles, and puppy-like boys haha)

I'm not into watching K-dramas anymore, but my favorite dramas were Goong, Coffee Prince, the Reply series, and Misaeng.

Good to know there are people here into Korean pop culture!
hi ! c:

i love kpop too, i stan way too many groups.
my bias groups are bts and twice! my ultimate bias is taehyung. i also like seventeen, blackpink, red velvet, got7, weki meki, wjsn, pristin, and chungha! (can you tell i Really loved ioi) ive also been getting into k-rnb/k-hiphop artists as well!
i havent found the time to get into any kdramas but i would love some suggestions!
Hey there friends^^
Major k-pop fan over here as well. It does seem like I'm a bit of a senior fan though age wise and by the amout of time I've spent in the k-pop fandom already which started for me at the end of 2006.
It all started with DBSK (all 5 of them forever) and Super Junior and pretty much escalated from there? I do enjoy a lot of different bands now besides the previously mentioned ones. Recently it's mostly BTS, Seventeen, Got7 and MonstaX, while I'm patiently waiting for SuJu's comeback.

As for K-dramas, I also watched a bunch and seriously can recommend Descendants of the Sun and Goblin which both totally lived up to the hype. I really loved Coffee Prince and Goong as well and ANJELL- You're Beautiful is an all time favourite of mine as well.
But only k-dramas, not so much k-pop.
And I think I mostly like the generically popular ones. ^^
E.g. Boys Over Flowers, 12 Yrs Promise/Soy Bean Stew (or however else it's titled), Beating Again, Flower Boy?
Idk I can't remember the titles for everything. She Was Pretty is a newer favrit. ^^

My Daddy's 1/2 Korean, and looks kinda similar to Lee Min-ho: which he mentioned when I was watching it one time. x.x lol <3

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