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By Chaylea
I want to rewatch glee but i am not sure it would be the best choice to watch as it is rather dramatic . Tomorrow i will watch orange is the new black as it is coming out tomorrow . But I would like something to watch today (preferably on Netflix) , any suggestions? I would really appreciate it
I watched all of Glee and it was rlly good, but I would recommend Dexter bc I am o b s e s s e d with it. It's rlly violent and incredibly disturbing, though. The show centers around a blood spatter analyst who works for the Miami Metro Police, but he's secretly a serial killer. It follows Dexter Morgan as he tries to create a balance between his work life and his personal life. 10/10 it's a ~killer~ show! hahaha god I am so sorry that wasn't even a good pun.
By PrincessToriii
I know this an oldie, but definitely a goodie: The Office! I am super obsessed with it. I have rewatched it at least ten times and I never get bored of it! I am also watching Jane the Virgin atm and I loooove it. I haven't watched glee yet but that is next on my list c:

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