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By Prince47
Just out of curiosity and the point that I love talking about the topic,
is anyone on here into heavy metal music? Like even though its loud and has screaming it honestly really relaxes me.
What bands are you into?
Im really into beartooth, Ice Nine Kills, Asking Alexandria, stuff like that ^.^ Ohhhh and 7 Rings
I’m not suuuuuper into what I’d call “heavy metal,” but I really like rock and punk rock... Really, if I’m being honest I like stereotypical emo music lol. My Chemical Romance, Panic! At the Disco, for more modern, and then one of my favorite I guess older bands is Queen. My taste in music it weird though >.<
I mostly listen to Broadway show tunes, anime openings/endings, and a weird assortment of other things sprinkled in.
Into symphonic metal. Delain, Nightwish, Epics, Within Temptation, kiske-sommerville, Evanescence. Some older metal. Metallica, black sabbath, motorhead.
Oh and sometimes i listen to babymetal.
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