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Hello I'm a new little me and my daddy are just starting the ddlg part of our relationship. We have been together for almost 10 years and have 2 kids. So it's hard to go to my little space as much as me and daddy would like any ideas on how I can still let my daddy know I'm his princess with our kids noticing?
I don't really know to be honest, but I think I've read about this:

- Join in on some of the activities the kids do. Like say it's writing to santa, you can write with them! Or colouring!
- Perhaps if you guys check the kid's plates to make sure they've eaten all the icky veggies he will check yours and you would be the 'role model' for the kids
- Tease him like a child, and even use the kids to do it. So for example, maybe you are at the park and you and the kids ran away and you sent one back to 'taunt' him that you all outsmarted him because he's just a big old guy and you guys are soooooooo much better. You'll have fun, incorporate the kid, and later on you'll get a silly little punishment.
- When referring to him with the kids call him Dad/Daddy. It is common for parents and it'll make you feel better.

But, you should be able to be yourself, even if it's childish and if the children have questions you can just explain that sometimes you like to just like them. It shouldn't be something you're ashamed of. (But then again I don't have kids and am not planning on it so I might be outta line)
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