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:stuffie: my daddy takes all of my stuffies away when I'm bad. I don't have to do different good girl things to get one stuffy back at a time. I don't think this is fair. The only reason I was mad was because Daddy was being mean because he had a bad day.
If your daddy is doing this and it is hurting you, you should really talk to him about it. If your stuffies are a comfort item you'd rather not live without, you really should set taking them away as a hard boundary. Or maybe he can take them all away except for one that you keep with you always. However you'd like to arrange it. But talking is the key. If you think it's unfair and you don't say anything, it's going to stew in you and you'll be unhappy about it forever. Talk talk talk.
I don't believe it's a fair punishment, I'm really attached to my stuffies, and that's a punishment that i couldn't stand. Stuffies are here for a reason, they are a necessary comfort item, and taking them away shouldn't be a punishment. In my eyes at least. Talk with him and tell him that you don't see that as a fair punishment, and try and come up with a more fair punishment for whatever the situation is. :)
As a switch, many littles use this as a crutch to me. If you like spankings and such why would he use that to show he mean business if it will not get the point of hey that is not good across. For many talking doesn't help and stuffies are the easiest way to get their attention. If it was discussed as it is something that is very important to you and a limits then it is different but if you two have not set that rule then he is not acting abusively. He is taking lead and saying go do the right thing so that you may get it back. Too many littles I have met these days think it's about being spoiled but bdsm and little play in this case specifically is about growth and limiting how the Dom can discipline only hurts how they can help you grow. You two need to sit down and talk about ways to help each other grow without stepping over personal lines.
i'm with the others here, that isn't right! i'm a little who has some heavy chronic illness things and my stuffies and blankets are absolutely my comfort items, Daddy would NEVER take them away to punish me!! Sit down and meta talk with your Daddy! And if he won't come to a compromise with you that involves alternative punishments, don't submit to him! i don't care what you did wrong, taking away comfort items is absolutely a red flag!!!
By Deleted User 39172
No just no it is not right. Those stuffies are part of Your mental comfort and all bdsm ddlg contracts I saw in my life and I saw many of them. That contracts always got a clause that taking away comfort items is NEVER ok.

So no taking blankie, no taking stuffie and no taking paci - like never, ever.

Thos items should be always there in times that are not so fun to calm You down and give You feeling of safety.

If he kept doing it You will start to sunconciounessly fear him or distrust him and this is not good for Your relationship at all.
I agree with 100 precent littles comfort items should never be taken away also basic items like food water and caregiver time. I would never take any of these from my little which is funny replying to her. She wanted to appolagize about not being able to edit her message.

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