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By JuneStar
Aftercare for a little can be different than providing aftercare for a typical BDSM sub. Sure, both parties are submissives but a ddlg / abdl / mdlb / little can have very different needs or require a particular type of care after a playtime scene.

Here are some ideas:
  • A soothing bath. Bathing your little could be a good time to help them relax.
  • Cuddling. Holding your sub or little can be a good come down.
  • Lotion bruises and areas that received impact. Soothing lotions with camomile may be extra helpful.
  • Petting and praise. Caressing your little and praising them with soft words, "You were such a good boy / girl," "I'm proud of you, little."
  • Setting down to a favorite movie. Choose a movie your little particularly enjoys.
  • Quiet time. Get your little comfortable on the couch or bed with their favorite blanket, stuffed toy or doll, and a drink (don't forget the sippy cup or bottle) or snack.
  • A special treat. Give your sub some special aftercare candy, chocolate, warm milk, or snack that you've agree on would be used as a comforting reward.
  • Gentle kisses. Show that you're giving their bruises and places of impact special care and attention.
  • Reassure your sub and show them that they're safe with you.
  • Brush their hair. Many littles with long hair particularly enjoy this relaxation time. You could buy a special cartoon character brush just for this activity.
  • Build a forte. Create a quick make-shift forte to enjoy together in for awhile to feel like you've "got away from it all" that evening.
  • Storytime. Read a short, sweet story to your little while they relax.

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