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By JuneStar
I know this can be a touchy subject but I was wondering about some ideas with dealing with the monthly visitor of adulthood.

It's terrible. It makes me feel tired since I'm already anemic, I get lower tummy cramps, my face breaks out, and my whole body just feels like a mess. I have this gross responsibility to deal with for about 5 days and I really don't like being messy.

How do you deal with your period and be a little girl into DDLG? What comforts you?

I get paranoid at night that I'll stain my clothes or the bed. I had really heavy periods when I started (around 11) and I have a huge fear of staining my clothes in public or privately. I thought about getting adult diapers to wear at night during my period just to make sure I don't stain the bedsheets (it would just be a peace of mind, I think) but I'm not sure if I really want to?

I'm not really into wearing diapers. I mean, I haven't before and I guess I've not had the urge to buy them and try them on to be pretty in. Not that I don't have a special appreciation for diaper boys and diaper girls though. They're lovely. Is it me though? Yeah, I don't think I'd be attractive with a diaper.

But...comfort-wise...are they? Would it give me comfort, you think, as well as the peace of mind that I'm not going to wake up and panickly have to wash things before Daddy sees? It's a fear.

So...diapers during periods? Yay or nay? What say you, littles with big problems each month?
By Magnus
Well reducing the symptoms of your periods is always on the table. Huge suggestion: Chamomile tea. Virtually every female in my family has huge problems with HEAVY periods. After trying the chamomile tea, they said it really helped. Also, AVOID CAFFEINE LIKE THE PLAGUE. Apparently it can really make your period that much worse? Unless you're taking Midol (which for some reason has caffeine? i'm assuming so the acetaminophen can work more quickly.) Also apparently ginger and raspberry leaves help as well. (which my sister mixes in with her chamomile tea or takes the supplement pill with it? i forget exactly)

Also i KNOW this will sound very gross, but i've also read that whipcreaming can really help with both the pain and slow the menstrual flow. I've not tried this but i have been told you only want to attempt this in the shower. As... well it's easier to clean up and the heat will also help alleviate some of the cramp pain.
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By dbg1919
I totally agree with Magnus, chamomile tea and raspberry leaves. I have some severe issues with my female insidey parts and those have helped. I am not into diapers, but they could be very useful. Maybe buy a small pack and try it out. When I am on my period Daddy gently rubs my back because he knows it is comforting and relaxing for me. I would suggest trying the chamomile tea and raspberry leaves and trying various other things to see what works for you. Good Luck :)
By littlesophia13
Well personally my bladder also goes nutters on my period so I've been resorting to adult diapers, and I find them comfy. I didn't like the overly padded feeling every day and these are thin but absorbent, that's the reason I wore tampons and not pads because the bulk.

I end up wearing combo tampon and either pad/diaper because my flow is crazy too, to avoid leakage and I find it works. There's also sheets I got from the doctors that they put on the bed to avoid staining, its a big blue and white square and its really good if your worried about that :\
Periods are generally aweful, but I'm sure if your set against diapers there are other solutions
By Twitchy
Wearing a diaper during my period makes it so much more comfortable. I know I will not likely leak all over anything, I feel cute... Diapers are just comforting to start with for me.. so it really does help my period feel a lot better.
By PrincessPetals
I have a copper IUD that has made my usually very light periods into very heavy ones. To cope I switched from disposable pads/tampons to reusable cloth sanitary pads and a mooncup - they've reduced my 7 day flow to 4 days and my cramps aren't nearly so bad now. Plus, CSPs come in a huge range of colours, patterns and prints which make me feel very little when I'm on my period and I've never had a problem with leaking except when I've worn the wrong kind of pad on the wrong day e.g. a light pad on a heavy day.

I've never worn a diaper before although I saw a picture of a girl wearing a diaper and a short dress and it was peaking out and looked cute ^_^ but I don't know how great it would be at helping with leaking etc.

Anyway ,i hope you've found a solution that works for you :)

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