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By kingmaine98
I want to try being a little and so i need help on how to behave and advice because i started off as a daddy but now i want to be a switch and i want a mommy and help.
By jammybambi
it really boils down to if you ARE a little. i don't believe there are ways to "act" or "become" little, but you can work on entering your little space and easing into doing more little activities. it really depends on what sort of "little" things you like! you make up your own safe space. for me i like to play dress up,color,draw,watch cartoons, play with toys, snuggling with stuffies,drinking from sippy cups, having snack time. i don't really have an age that i act out,but rather the things that i enjoy are similar to what a specific age group does. being little should come naturally as it is very different from ageplay. for example, looking up what 3 year olds do and then doing that is more of an ageplay thing to do, but finding the activities you enjoy on your own and then relating to an age is more of a little thing. neither is less than the other, they're just different! so, like i said earlier i enjoy those types of activities, you would probably say i relate more to the 3/4 agegroup which i find is true at bedtime i like to have a pull up and a paci as well which doesnt drop me down in any agegroup i believe i'm just a less mature 3/4 i know it sounds silly..anyway! if you feel like you are little at heart it might take some time to get comfortable in little space..just try some of the activities i mentioned out and see what you like! there isn't any specific way that you need to act! your little space is as unique as you are! some littles like to babytalk, some dont! some like to use their phones/read/whatever adult things while in little space..there are many varying levels of being in little space. when my daddy is away and i enter little space of course i text him,but when my daddy is come and im in little space my phone doesnt even exist to me anymore. just try some things out and see what you like!

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