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By allanthecowboy
So, a little about me. I'm married, normally Dominant over my wife, but want to try a little more frequent age play as a middle aged boy. I more or less want to try molestation play, where my wife plays my babysitter. We did something similar once before, and she was really good at it, and I loved it. So, I know she's open to it, but I'd like to do it a little more regularly. I am thinking of suggesting to her something like, certain nights, either set in advance, or maybe a regular day each week or something, that when she gets home from work, she's the babysitter. Like, I came home from school and was on my own for a bit but can't be left alone all night so the sitter comes over. I want her to coerce, seduce, and use me, and teach me to be how she wants, in that role.

In middle space I feel, and like feeling, torn about it. I mean that I like and dislike it at the same time. It turns me on, but it scares me. I feel guilty, and nervous, and ashamed, but also excited, and excited. Basically, my middle persona is kind of a budding sub or switch that likes humiliation/degradation, and craves approval, attention, and care. I want my babysitter to exploit all of that and twist me around her pinky finger.

So, I guess I have a pretty developed idea there, but I know it would help my wife for things to be a little more concrete. She doesn't really like starting roleplay; it takes her a while to get into it. Once she's into it, it gets really good. So, in terms of scene ideas, I'm asking like, what could actually be set up that would give her a way to get going? I thought of a note from my "parents" (who don't exist) with instructions for her could maybe being used as a device to get things moving. Not sure if I'd write that, or her, or what. But you know the kind "there's such and such in teh fridge for supper. Make sure he does this and that, and he isn't allowed blank. He has to go to bed by 9, but he can stay up and read until 10." I wonder about some stuff that could maybe be written there, that she could twist and turn against me, or use to bribe me, sort of thing. Like if it said "make sure he has a bath before bed," she could make me bathe in front of her saying "it said for me to make sure, and this is the only way to be sure." Or she could go the other way, and say "well if you really don't want to take a bath... maybe if you do blank, I won't make you."

So does anyone have any ideas for either using that kind of set up, or something completely and totally different, to give us kind of a starting point? Feel free to suggest any scenes that are really different from what I described above. I'd like to hear lots of ideas.

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