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By pleasedaddy
I just want to know a few things...
Where do you learn about male littles, or babyboys, or male kittens/puppies...
What do they wear?
Is it most common for them to have a Mommy or a Daddy?
What is the age play like, i.e. do you play with trucks and trains and stuff, or dolls like the girls do?
By ilovemymommy
1. I just searched on the internet until I found out there were more people that were interested in being little too. It seems a little different to be a guy and into it but I love being babied and I love my Mommy taking care of me.

My Mommy actually kind of suggested it first after a dream she had about taking care of me. I really loved the idea and from then on out I called her Mommy. Sometimes she rocks me and stuff. It's great.

2. Sometimes I just wear a diaper or my underwear. I dont have a onesie for adult size yet but Mommy said she might try to make me one. I have some one piece pajamas with feet and without feet we got from walmart and stuff before.

3. I have a Mommy but I think it's mixed like anything else. I know a couple of other guys into being adult babies and they have or want Mommies. I don't know any with Daddies but it's probably just as common

4. I do like trains and hot wheels cars. I think I fluctuate though. Sometimes I'm really little and like I said Mommy rocks me to relax me and sometimes I breastfeed then too. Other times I'm running up to Mommy saying MOMMY MOMMY LOOK AT THIS! And showing her my cars. So say from 0 to 5 maybe ?

I'm not into things that are pink or girl toys. I like boy toys, blues and greens, and kind of reverting back to being a kid growing up.
Im a boy. When I had a Mommy she took good care of me. I am ABDL tho so like babyboy. I am straight so I dont want a Daddy. i like for some times Mommy to give me what they call hand job or suck during diaper change so a Daddy to do that would be WEIRD and NO. but NOT ALWAYS SEXUAL !!
I wear diapers ? Is that the question ? I wear whatever looks good but diapers lots. I play with blocks ? Big legos called megabloks. Watch blues clues tons. Like to be read to. Rocked and breast feed NON SEXUAL too.
not sure where i learned from. Just was into it like other littles u kno ? Just was in to it and found out online im not alone. Helps to buy diapers online if i want cute diapers i Guess but idk its not bad.

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