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By Chyshanee
I met my Daddy on here and I adore him so muchies! He's super great, but Daddy works a lot and then I work nights so when he gets off I go in. How can I let Daddy know that I want more talkies time without sounding bratty? :(
By JuneStar
This is a really good question!

First, I think all littles are needy to some degree. I think it's just part of the general personality of it. You need a Caregiver to, well, take care of your basic needs. Most real Daddies, Mommies, and other Caregivers already know or expect this from littles.

So, I think sending texts saying things like:
  • Daddy, I miss you so much...
  • My heart wishes we could talk more, Daddy...
  • I feel sad when we don't get to talk lots...
  • Sometimes I feel super lost or sad when we don't get to talk because you're special to my heart, Daddy...
Should be just fine and acceptable. You don't sound like a spoiled, needy brat--but you do sound like a little who needs her Daddy around.

Also consider making an arrangement so that you get an extra special amount of time with your Daddy. Like, if you both have a certain day off every so many days or weeks then ask your Daddy if you can have some special time with here where you two just hang out (if you're long-distance then maybe you could suggest you two Skype or voicechat while watching the same movie or playing the same online game).

Sometimes knowing you have X day or X time set special with someone you care about a lot is fulfilling in itself.

I don't think you're going to come off as a brat by saying that you'd like to have a little bit more of your Daddy's time. If you know that he is physically not capable of giving more time (which would kind of be unusual--Daddies try really, really hard to keep their littles happy and satisfied the best they can) then maybe you should think about making compromises on your end to fit your need a little better.

Are there compromises you can make on your end to suggest to him? Maybe you stay up an hour later or wake up an hour earlier to get a little more time? Are you able to rearrange anything in your schedule (even if just once a week) to allow more 'personal time' that you could spend with him?

Just use your words for now and work through this stuff. Everything will come together in the end.

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