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By AlienPink
Being into DD/lg makes me feel like an alien already.
I know I don't fit in with other adults because I'd rather be sitting on the couch with a sippy cup, a stuffy, and watching Frozen instead of watching soap operas or popular tv shows even. A lot of the adult shows and movies are just really boring to me.

I feel like I'm more unusual than that. I took psychology in university and stuff but I just don't understand humans. I don't understand people. I don't get why we do things we do. Not at all. Especially social stuff.

There's so much that makes me feel like I don't belong.

Maybe I'm some alien race that just hasn't been activated yet? And when I am everything will make sense because I'll realize I never was one of these people ?

I know I sound crazy. I know I do. I just don't know how to explain why I feel so much different than most everyone
Nonono, don't feel that way. It's because not everything can be proven by science. It's inevitable. You feel that way because that's your true calling. I'm like that to. I honestly love it. I found my true nature as well as being a daddydom. I would never do anything to a younger child. Yet.. If a girl over 18! Was. I would. It's weird to some people. Unless you like it. Don't worry you'll feel accepted as a youth soon enough. I accept you now. I'm sure you're not finding the correct crowd. You'll do it.

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