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By JuneStar
I always felt it was erotic to induce lactation for a partner. I read stories about it, looked at some videos, and just generally thought the idea was wonderful. I read up about inducing lactation awhile back and when I began to produce milk I found that it felt amazing when my Daddy sucked it out of my breasts. The feeling was so intense and it felt like a loving, caring moment that somehow mixed with sexy feelings.

I have such a fascination with it though. I want to be a good girl and feed Daddy my milk any time I can. I get excited when he tells me he wants to suck my nipples because it means he's going to drain my milk out. It's just...I don't's amazing.

Does anyone else lactate for their Daddy?

Do other Daddies think it's okay or is it just strange?

Daddy never asked me to make milk for him but he has embraced it since I expressed it was something I really wanted to try.

Do you think it's odd to nurse your Daddy Dom? Sometimes we'll have sessions where Daddy primarily just focuses on emptying my breasts. Sometimes he'll lay down in my lap and I'll give him a handjob while he suckles. I like it, and it makes me feel complete--kind of like a little girl who is 'playing house' or 'pretending to be a mommy' for just a little bit. I still call him Daddy while he nurses and still act quite girly so it isn't that I'm babying him or we're role reversing (we're not really a switch couple--we're pretty set in our submissive/dominant roles). I just wonder if we're kind of alone in it? It seems like an unusual thing to integrate with DDlg.
By a_taboo_dad
i love to nurse from a female that is producing milk. The milk is very sweet and tasty and its also a very tender sweet moment between a daddy and his little girl.
By Chantilly
I swear there's nothing more gratifying then creating milk for someone you care about. The bonding and imprinting that occurs is rather shocking at times, though.

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