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By JuneStar
I'm already panicking and Daddy just left home this morning to stay at his parents' home for a week. His parents have to go out of town and their old puppy dog needs a sitter so it was kind of left up to Daddy to tend to him. They're super far away so I won't get to be with Daddy for a whole week. I know that sounds silly to be upset about but Daddy and I haven't spent more than a few hours away from each other since we started living together (a year ago now).

I'm afraid I'm going to have panic attacks over this. I can't rationalize with myself that he's going to be back. How do you deal with being away from your Daddy?
By kittencunt
Do you have a special stuffed animal you can hold and cuddle for some security?
Do you have little crafts, toys, or activities you can indulge in while your Daddy is gone so you can distract yourself?
Do you have any littles movies or music you can throw on to help relax you?
By AshleyDivine
Movies and a blankie are good to have while your Daddy is gone. And if you just breathe a little bit deeper when you go to sleep you will be ok. I'm sure your Daddy will call and you can breathe a sigh of relief hearing his calming voice. Doing little puzzles and coloring with things will also help and chatting with other littles on here will help you too. Be brave because I'm sure when your Daddy comes home he's missed you as much as you have missed him.
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