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By kittencunt
I don't know where to start, but I just took a pregnancy test and it's CLEARLY positive.

Last month I had some personal issues and told my Daddy that I didn't want to have sex when he wanted to get off. Daddy said okay and we went to sleep. Well, I went to sleep. In the morning, Daddy was really happy and kind of giggling like a schoolboy. Eventually, he told me that he had gotten his hard Daddy lollipop and put it in me when I was asleep. Ultimately, Daddy put his cummy in me because he wasn't able to control himself in the situation.

I was upset at first because:

1. I'm not on birth control. Daddy knows this and we ALWAYS use condoms. Always, always, always!
2. Daddy did not get my permission to put his lollipop inside me when I was sleeping!

We had a fight over it and we broke up. He ended up apologizing and explained that at first he was really just excited and once he found I was too heavily sleeping to wake that he got even more excited and just got ahead of his own common sense. We're still broken up but we've been talking about getting back together because I was forgiving him (hey, everybody makes mistakes).

Jump to today: My period is a few days late and it's unusual. I thought I'd just take a test to ease my mind. Like I said, it's obviously + and the instructions say + = pregnant.

I'm really hurt that Daddy put his cummy in me without my permission. I've always been really careful and Daddy was my first AND I've never ever even had cummy inside me so it was all really weird that he did that and kind of violated me. I'm really upset that I'm pregnant because I'm really, really young and we had discussed us not being ready for a baby. I go back to school in a couple of weeks and I'm already freaking out because everybody would know I'm pregnant! I also have absolutely NO idea how to tell my parents that I've been having sex + I'm pregnant. They actually don't even know I had/have a boyfriend (I always say I'm staying with a girl friend and get them to cover and go to hang out or stay with Daddy).

What do I do?
Your Daddy did something that is not okay for anyone to do to you.

Having sex with you without your consent is forced encounters. I understand that he may be special to your heart but it isn't okay for him to abuse the power you've given him.

It sounds like you've talked with him about it, he's apologized, and you're in the process of forgiving. You should get a clear, firm understanding that he will not do something like that again. It's important that you fully believe him and that he is completely honest.

As for actually being pregnant from the situation--this process is kind of up to you. You can have the child and either raise it yourself or give it up for adoption or you could consider an abortion. I don't know where you are in life right now, what you have planned, and how a child may affect it.

What I can tell you is that nobody is truly, 100% prepared for a child. I can tell you that a lot of people have raised children into healthy adults and have been in worse situations than you describe. I can tell you that there are financial and medical assistance available for low-income and/or single mothers. I can also tell you that there are a great deal of couples who are desperately seeking to adopt a newborn that they can raise as their own child.

You would be very early into the pregnancy right now so you can take a little bit of time to think about things. Give yourself a couple of days to try to sort through your thoughts. If you decide to continue on with the pregnancy then you likely have a couple of months before you begin to show anyway so you have time to let your parents know about the situation.

I know you're stressed out and you feel like you need to make the decision this very moment about what you're going to do. Think things over and through before proceeding forward. In the end, whatever you choose--know that it isn't the end of the world. Your life will go on and the world will keep spinning.

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