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Are all Daddies dominants?

DDLG = Daddy Dom

Is that always always?

Or can a Daddy be submissive? Are there actually Daddy subs or is that just something that 'could be but isn't' really? I'm curious. I don't know. i saw a post on another site where someone was wondering too. Does it happen? Where the little is dominant and the daddy is submissive? What do you call it if it happens? dominant little/submissive daddy? little dom/daddy sub ?
I've met a few Daddy's who are more sub than Dom! It happens. little Dom/ Daddy sub is a good way categorize it! They still like being refered to as daddy or little, but take on the opposite characteristics. It's actually pretty common! (:
I can't really add more to what Chyshanee said but I can back them up by saying that submissive Daddies and dominant littles definitely do exist. It is more common than you think but much less common than the traditional Daddy Dom/little girl BDSM dynamics.
Daddy sub? seems interesting. I have known myself to be a switch between dominant and submissive. Im still new to DD/lg but i have been a dominant to a submissive man and enjoyed it, i also have expeience with being submissive. When i think about a submissive daddy, he likes to get drunk and lay on the couch all day, when i want to play he ignores me then i get him another beer and tell him he has to play with me if he wants his beer. daddy is reluctant to play with me even after i give him his beer, he keeps falling asleep during the tea party with the stuffies and i, i tell daddy to wake up and lecture him about falling asleep, now daddy needs time out.
DDlg= Daddy Dominate Little Girl. A dominate daddy, is a DD or Dd. I have met both one that was dominate and one that I think was a switch but really a sub, if the right fit could be found maybe even a sissy? There was a lot hidden on both of their sides so was unable and they most unwilling to explore. Seems like part of 'sexual Journey' for them was 'evolving' into what they ultimately had grown into through their lifestyles, however this means taking risks. And Daddy Dom's don't seem too keen on doing this.
Submissive daddies do exist as dominate littles also exist.

Submissive daddies will care for the prince(ss) and let them have their way. they are more gentle and understanding. they do not give rules, and if they do they are sweet talked out of punishments. they remind the little to do things but never demand. They are still the daddy, and the big in the relationship however the little is more of a spoiled brat then anything.

This does not mean that you are a little, this does not mean the little is a big.

This would fall under the same CG/l dynamic. From what I know it does not have a specific name.
I'm a Big Switch in a polycule relationship of four people. Two couples who have merged.
Our relationships within the polycule is quite dynamic.
I'm primarily submissive except when I'm Daddy to my Little Lady but I'm not dominant either. I don't punish or make demands. I'm her Big where she can enter Little Space and stop being a responsible adult. D/s doesn't really even enter our dynamic when we are Big/little. (She will top me if she wants to flog me though). However, I am the caretaker of the polycule. A Big or service sub to everyone depending on what they need. I sew and mend and repair. The fixit. The cleaner and cook. The homebody.
I am DaddySub.
my Daddy is subby to extremes sometimes - it made me a little nervous at first because i was questioning how much he really wanted to be my Daddy - it took me some time to understand how the dynamic works and to trust that he loves me and enjoys the Daddy stuff as much as the submissive stuff - but, now i get it and enjoy it just as much as being little - so, Sub Daddies definitely exist - and, they’re kind of awesome - it gives me the freedom to be a princess and a brat - it’s like a free pass
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