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By MyAngelRabbit
For such a long time now I have I identified as a middle. I was not into ab play with diapers and paci's though I did have stuffed animals. Coloring is OK ok some times but I draw more then I color. I wore a kigurumi not a onsie. But I got started wearing cloth thick trainer diapers not only fit me better but felt more grown up then diapers or adult underwear. Then I started experimenting age play with lots of younger little and a stuff still being a middle at heart just I like to try stuff. Middle is an uncommon enough role in my community here. But reading the roles list on this web site teen or adult teen might fit. The things I do might be more refined arts and sports. I like to draw and not color and use techniques like cutting out stencils of the lines of my drawings and paints on professional media like canvas board. I'm into practicing my guitar and material with the techniques I learn I wrote. I'm into naturalism and camping trips far from my caregiver with a another person in trust of our group. Or going with a group or all by myself on long rides in by bicycle all over the city. Or running a board game group for a bunch of my friends at our spot. I'm also into service doing chores and being held accountable to that kind of routine. So am I a middle still or a teen that like playing with things ab's would or just an ageplayer. I know the identity hellos communicate by I also have sine connection built up to my role as a middle. Teen feels the most natural next step but I might have to give up my cloth trainers and other diaper things and ab items idk anyone go through these transitions?
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By LilBeth
You can be all those things. You can be a middle/teen/adult who enjoys wearing diapers. One of my Little friends says diapers feel like hugs for her butt. She occasionally wears them to work. I think as long as everything is consensual and you aren’t hurting anyone (unless it’s consensual) do what brings you joy. It’s like going to a buffet, some will choose just one or two things, and others will want to try it all, and a bunch will be in between all that. A person could be a baby & little & middle & caregiver probably not all at the same time and all of those role would be valid for that person. There is no one “right way” to do this.
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