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Hi! I hope everyone is well. I’m not.

As nearly everyone here is aware, last year caused me a lot of personal trauma. I have not recovered fully from that and have found myself with some serious medical conditions on top of preexisting autoimmune conditions. I’ve found myself in a difficult emotional and financial place, as well as deteriorating health conditions due to the ongoing illnesses and failing treatments, and am considering offers on the community domains I have registered. I thought it may be wise of me to consider offers at this point so that they may be carried forward in the case of my health worsening suddenly.

Here is what I have currently registered:

Registered since March 28, 2015
Registered through March 28, 2025
Primarily an online forum. The domain would be sold alongside the operating code in hopes and preference of the established community setting remaining. The chat system would be included and is separate code.

Registered since October 15, 2017
Registered through October 15, 2024
Currently operating as an online dating platform. The code is clunky, and may need to be reworked. I won’t be wiping the site or dumping the database.

Registered since November 09, 2019
Registered through November 09, 2024
Currently operating as an online dating platform for polyamorous members of the CGL community.

Registered since November 27, 2020
Registered through November 27, 2024
Currently operating as an online forum. The code is similar to LittlespaceOnline, but has a few additional features for testing.

Registered since July 09, 2018
Registered through July 09, 2024
Never launched but was intended to be an Etsy-style community selling platform. Nothing has been changed on it in years, but it was nearly ready for user testing.

I can sell the domains individually. They do not all need to be sold together.

There are Google Adsense ads on some of these sites. Even if the code is sold along with the domain I will not be providing the ad account. I will remove my ad code and will remove the site from my ad account. This means if you wanted to show ads by Google you would need to submit the site under your own account for approval.

I will not be selling my hosting account, but am happy to discuss the current hosting setup if you would want to operate similarly.

I’m not sure what other details someone might want upfront.

So, if you are interested in discussing any details or submitting an offer you can email me at

I would prefer you reach out to me privately if you have questions rather than posting them publicly on the board. I may not see questions because I have a lot of doctor appointments now and I don’t want people spreading misinformation or guessing.

Payment required. I can’t let go of the sites for free.

18+ only. If you’re not 18+ please don’t inquire.

Please do not post offers here.

I’m sorry if this upset anyone.

Thanks everyone
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