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By BabyDove
Ever since me and my partner broke up I've been struggling with my little space. Bc of how young I regress to I don't feel comfortable regressing without a cg around. So I need advice on how to and where to find a cg who has experience with both age regression and pet regression.
My mental health can't take this stress.

Much thanks, Kassiah/kassi :pacy: :gigs:
honestly,you need to learn to do it by yourself.

you're not going to always have a caregiver and the fact of the matter is that most people don't even have one and never will. if your little space is 100% reliant on someone else then you're just always going to be forced to go without unless someone else is willing to put up with it and that's no fun so here's my advice: turn little space into a form of meditation. it sounds like your little age is pretty young and likely not doing much anyway so what you should do is treat entering little space as meditation where you grab whatever you need to get in that headspace (a stuffed animal,a pacifier,a onesie ect),lay or sit down somewhere comfy and just close your eyes and get into a sort of inactive little space (feel the fur on your stuffed animal as you hug it,pay attention to every suck of the pacifier,feel the warm fabric of the onsie as it touches your skin ect) and it should slip you right into a relaxed state until you feel you're ready to be grown up again.

if you don't feel safe doing this without someone around (for whatever reason) then you can always get a playpen or the like so that you can get into little space without having to worry about taking it too far but your best bet is you simply learn how to be in little space by yourself because the other option is to simply never enter little space again until you find another caregiver and that might just never end up happening and you'll just never be in little space ever again.

it's up to you but training yourself to do it alone is your best option. it might not be perfect but it's something.

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