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Hello. I've recently (some months ago, discovered and acknowledged my little side.
I have an online "cg" which vaguely knows about age regression but even without that she treats me with love and care.
I haven't regressed in front of anybody in real life, and I can get into littlespace if I am alone and I don't have any chores or work remaining.

I know when I was in littlespace because that's not how I act and think normally.
When I'm texting her I'm regressed, although if I were with her in real life I'd probably be "fully "regressed" since littles can't type?

when I'd completely let go and regress, here is how my little self is like: (I've read about childhood development and I've come to a conclusion I might be 10 months old in little space, although my little space is a little unconventional:
- Can't talk, because talking and knowing the language equals being outside of little space and talking requires too much skill and thinking while littlespace is somewhat even similar to mindfulness.
- But I don't babble or scream, either. In fact, I don't have an urge to make any kind of sounds. Just be completely mute. And I wouldn't want to be asked if I want something, I'd want somebody to automatically assume what I want because if they could see me in this mindset that'd mean they'd know me quite well.
- Pays attention to everything that is moving and follows it with my head and eyes with a curious and amazed face as If he were in trance. Besides that, often doesn't focus his eyesight and looks in random places.
- Doesn't really have an urge to move too much, but can sit perfectly.
- Doesn't laugh or SHOW too much emotions besides curiosity and amazement but might cry a little.
- Doesn't think or make judgements; explores the world with sight, touch and sound. Pays attention to things in front of him.
- Doesn't quite know much about the world so might Seem indifferent to some things happening around him or uninterested.
- Knows the concept of danger and has a survival instinct, sometimes a little scared of loud noises, new people or too much chaos.
- when talked to stares at the face as if he were in a trance. (Worked while watching YouTube videos)
- pays attention to sound
- doesn't have consistent motor movements with his hands-might drop items and sometimes hold them too strongly.
If he'd play, the best way to play with him would be sitting on the floor in front of him and showing him toys or objects; toys that have an action and reaction.
- watched videos on youtube in which there is a lot of action, colors and things moving. Doesn't understand language, doesn't know what the firetruck is going on in them but is entertained and locks his eyes on the video, doesn't look anywhere else. Follows moving objects and characters.
- Responds to his name. Knows his name.
- can't color or write
- doesn't understand language, but can understand the tone of the voice and is entertained if it's friendly.
- I'd want to drink from a baby bottle
- Sucks on a pacifier
- Knows the concept of a protector.
- everything moving becomes entertaining.
The outfit that'd resonate the most with my little self would be something white, loose and simple.
i personally think your littlespace age falls around that of a 6 month old. i only say this because the mannerisms sort of prove that, which is very adorable. wish you luck on your journey!

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