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By Deleted User 76281
I never thought about listening to lullabies. For me lullabies feel creepy to me in a way, maybe it’s all the horror movies I watch :tears:
I listen to lullabies often I have a night light that plays them and also my adult iPad and phone has apps.
1 Every night when I’m tired and in bed .
2 every time I’m told to go for a nap.
3 every time I play with a couple of my toys they have it built in.
So roughly 4 to 6 times a day and night
i have trouble focusing on music without words most of th time.... i like a nursery rhyme that goes like "rocketship rocketship TO THE MOON" over and over, and also El Elefante Trompita, stuff from when i was a kid ::p:
I had that problem for a while, but when my anxiety got really bad, relaxing music helped me calm down and I started to really like it. I also like ones from when I was a kid, tho I haven't listened in a while. Like "are you sleeping? are you sleeping?, brother john, brother john" "hush little baby" "rockaabye" My bonnie, and some others I haven't heard in a long time. I usually listen to a book or something while I'm listening to them, and fireplace sounds and stuff.
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