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How to help mummy not feel silly

Posted: |June 9th, 2023|, 7:59 am
by Deleted User 76200
Good afternoon!

I've been in touch with my little side since my early 20s. I'm now about 10 years or so, but this is the first time I've had someone really in the caregiver/mummy type role.

My fiancée is fantastic, I came out to her as a little very early into our relationship as it had become a contentious point in my previous relationship and I knew I didn't wanna fall in love with someone who wasn't going to be able to deal with who I am.

Very early on she was intrigued about littlespace, asked lots of questions and has made me the most relaxed I have ever felt. She has actively encourage me to seek comfort with Littlespace, I can sleep in diapers whenever I want and wear them pretty much whenever. The only rule we have is not around close family and friends.

Anyway I'm getting away from my question. She's an amazing mum to her two girls and has a very motherly loving nature. Obviously that's a big win for me as I love being mothered. She also worked out really early on that she likes what we refer to as boob time. She will often cuddle me up in bed and let me "feed" while she strokes my hair etc and at times if she's just watching TV will encourage me to come lie on the sofa with her and have boob time.

She's also tried other activities with occasionally changing me etc but she finds that one a bit more difficult. She has to be in the right "mind" for it and I totally respect that. I always ask and respect a no and we have our boundaries for a reason. One thing I love when she can bring herself to it however is the way she talks to me.

You know the simple things "good boy" "mummy is proud of you" or one of my favourite when she's lost her slippers "can you help mummy find her feet!"

It's all really cute but it's little and infrequent because she says it makes her feel silly or that she's degrading me or talking to me like I'm stupid. But I don't feel like that's how it comes across at all. It's affectionate and playing to my little nature.

So as the topic suggests... what can I do to help her feel less awkward. Has any mummies/mommies / caregivers got any tips on how she can... embrace it more.