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ienjoihopps wrote: 1 year ago I still live with my parents but I express my little self in small ways such as decorations and lights in my room and with my stuffies. My retro game setup is something that really helps me regress. I have an old CRT and mostly retro systems, as well as a VCR with plenty of tapes to watch. Just the feeling of sitting down criss cross in front of the TV, and doing something small like pulling a game off the shelf or putting in a tape in my VCR is very comforting for me. I’m not sure why but I think it’s just that nostalgic feel. I often sit my large teddy bears and other stuffies next to me and watch me play a game or watch a movie with me!
decorations in your room are a really great way to express your little side discreetly, my bed is sonic the hedgehog themed and my room light switch has a dimmer on it, which my autistic self is so blessed to have lol! That game system sounds fun :3
Some ways I express my little self in daily life: I kinda made up my own school and school colours since school stuff makes me feel smol.. and I sometimes wear parts of my "school uniform" and school colours when I'm out and about. When I run errands I like to pack a lunch or backpack with tea and snacks or a toy and I pretend I'm going on a field trip! 🤭 I like to wear ribbons in my hair too!
I am different than most people I express little more than my adult.
1 I still sleep in a nursery I sleep in a car bed and have lots of teddies and dolls in my bed.
2 I have a night light and a light projector witch plays lullaby.
3 I have a potty and training poster in my room with a door gate on the door.
4 I still live with my parents and he still has the same rules as when he and my mummy set when I was young .
5 I don’t wear any thing that would be considered adult indoor and that could hide my baby status.
6 I wear a bib and use age appropriate drinking and eating products for me it’s between 6 months and 15 months old .
7 adult time is a privilege apart from work but even then I wear diapers and a onesie under my uniform and carry a pacifier and a toy car.

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