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which activities do you like to do with your caretaker?
And what is your littme age?

I myself do not have caretaker yet,
But I do see myself doing enjoyable stuff with my futue caregiver
such as

-Piggyback ride
-Cars ( carting)
-building house from pillows / pillow fight.
- going to Jimbori
- be feeded!
- eating sweets- going to sweet store!
-going to plushie store!
-good light hug/ kiss
- being swingged ( on a swing in the park)
- water gun fight!
-going to tea party with other littles
-rolling in the grass
- cuddle
-bubbles! ( soapbubbles- to exolode them)
- go to nature and climb on trees
-go to mazes!
Don't forget:
Pumpkin Patches for Halloween
Horse rides (on CGs back)
Those adult Chuck E Cheese places (usually nicer as well)
Nerf Guns (indoor fun during winter)
Movie night (popcorn, pillow fort, candy, etc)
Go to beach looking for shells (if applicable)
Walks to a store together (candy bar reward)
I personally love to give my little an "important" mission like get a can of soup from pantry or to grab something from across the house for me (reward given upon completion)
Multiplayer offline games like Mario Kart/Party

Just wanted to add more to such a great list as I want a little to do all this with.
Wait, littles like hiking 😳 I thought that didn't exist anymore. Even looking at the stars which I didn't think anyone even did. That's so heart warming and makes me looking more forward to finding a little now.

Will also add.
Baking or help cooking (obviously age taken into account)
Help with shopping list (holding or reading)
Helping with garden (so cute with a watering can)
Puddle jumping (it's just laundry)
Snow forts
Hot coco and cuddles outside during fall at night
I've never had a Cg (I've spent my life suppressing my younger tendencies and personality traits unless it was something that was generally accepted by the wider public, so didn't know what I was and that I could find one), but the things I generally love doing (or would LIKE to do) and would love to do with a future Cg are and would be:

- Video games, board games, and card games (unstable unicorns is a GREAT hilarious card game!)
- Blanket/pillow forts and hanging out inside them, even watching a movie inside them with popcorn.
- snow forts
- camping/hiking
- swimming
- Build-a-Bear
- movie nights
- AMUSEMENT PARKS. I NEED someone to go on all the rides with me and I always have such a hard time finding friends who will, so I almost never get to go when the local annual one is in the area. 😩
- festivals. My city has some great festivals every year and one of them is my ultimate favourite, I try to go every year.
- Travelling and road trips. Road trips are awesome because you can blast music and sing at the top of your lungs together, or just enjoy the journey and scenery along the way. I could make some road trip playlists - one for daytime and one for night time.
- baking - I don't bake but would love to try with someone
- art (sometimes crafts, but mostly art. I'd like to try learning to play an instrument or painting)
- sharing music
- colouring books
- general goofing off
- eating out and movie theatres
- go karts
- paintball
- water gun/balloon fights
- water slide parks
- hot air balloon ride
- cuddling. I was always a big cuddler growing up but rarely ever have had anyone to cuddle with since I was biologically a little kid
- having my hair brushed/played with/done. Something about having someone else brush and groom and play with my hair was always intensely soothing and relaxing, and made my head feel amazing. I miss that feeling but haven't really had it since I was little, except for whenever I had my hair professionally cut and styled. I've always felt like most of my friends would think it was weird if I asked them to brush or do my hair for me so I never had that unless they offered.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. I find I'm usually a middle/teen (12-17), but I've also had times of being in the liddle and older little range (5-11). So I guess I age flux depending on my mood/day/week and what's going on in my life. I've definitely felt like a little kid inside at times, but I've almost never let them out and suppressed my littler sides due to both actual ridicule/rejection and fear of more of the same.
my little age is between 1-5. i feel like i just like doing anything with my Daddy, including running to the store for something we need. but:

-i also enjoy hiking and going on nature walks
-playing video games
-watching moives
-playing with my stuffies together
-cuddling while he gives me a bottle
-cooking, but i'm usually not allowed to do dangerous stuff like using the oven, stove, or knives
I currently don’t have a caregiver but I always think about fun activities I can do with them. Some activities I’d love to do with a caregiver are:
-dress up
-painting my nails
-going to the mall
-building pillow forts
-playing games
-going to the park/playground
-going to the beach (the beach isn’t far away from where I live)
To be honest I’m a very physically affectionate person as I never really had that love as a kid, I sometimes worry about a caregiver being annoyed with be because I’d want to cuddle all the time. I want to try and be more open to more activities so I’d love to look through everyone’s replies and find fun stuff I can also do!

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