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By l1ttlestoner
Does anybody have any good suggestions for punishments? Spankings are really nerve-wracking to me, but times out and writing lines are not effective. I want to be a good girl but need better punishments that will put me in order. :angel:
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By DaddyUpNorth
Different types of time out, standing in the corner, sitting on a chair or even stairs. Can change it up maybe. Could also have stuffies taken away or maybe something else you enjoy taken away.
Can also maybe do something physically exhausting like jumping jacks to burn off that extra energy but also could be the punishment. Maybe even something like no dessert or maybe instead of a certain drink you like gets changed to plain water.
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By LunaLilac
Strongly recommend against taking away stuffies as those can be comfort items, which can help stress relief or creating a feeling of safety, that can have very negative repercussions, they are comfort items for a reason.

I would suggest you talk to your significant other and discuss rules and figure out with them what punishments would be effective relative to your specific relationship.
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By DaddyUpNorth
Good point about stuffies, I normally ask about 1 particular stuffy/blanket/toy that's kinda too important to be without and those would be exempted from removal as they are needed. But not all stuffies should be treated that way.

Also right in communication over rules and punishments, I'm actually very shocked over how many CGs make rules and punishments without consulting their littles over if they're acceptable or not.
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