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By Lithhasaquestion
Hi there—I don’t know if this is the right place for me to ask this, but I was trying to do some research online and this forum came up. I didn’t find anyone talking about my specific question anywhere else, so I was hoping some of y’all might have some kind and helpful answers…
I never previously considered myself a little. I have a lot of childlike interests and hobbies, but I’d say most of the time I feel like an adult. Until…
Lately I’ve had a few videos randomly c
(Continuing here—mobile site glitched out -_- )

Lately I’ve had a few videos randomly come up on my tiktok feed of “little safe space comfort videos”. The first one was just so surprising, and the speaker was so sweet and kind, and I was barely invested at first…but then the next thing I knew, I was crying buckets. Is this normal? Is this something others of you have experienced? I don’t know where else to talk about this and would appreciate some insight. It felt like the video just struck a chord with me, and I was comforted but at the same just wrecked by it. What does this mean? Do any of you have similar experiences?
I get that it's kinda hard to understand little space at first, but then I started talking to people who understood kind what I was going through and could help me and who could explain to me kinda what little space was all about and it helps!! It is totally normal to be shocked just learning about it and listening to someone talk about it and to know someone is out there like you, I think is the best part!!
By Deleted User 70612
It is hard to say with out knowing what the video was about? If the video was an emotional video then it would trigger an emotional response. However if it made you feel like this was something you was dealing with and something you was and that triggered the response then that could mean you have little tenancies. You don't have to go fully little or into headspace to be little. It is a state of mind and how you view and see the world. How you act and deal with life. You can still be an adult and be little at the same time.
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By catsuki
I do think that Little space got s spesific "stigma" on the outside world( someone that is outside the community) escapically vidoes on youtube that shows girls acting as a babies.

It is true, In the community there is a thing, adults are act lime babies( age play) or mantally are one in their one Little space, but this community is wide range of littles.

mostly Littles acting like childs/babies fo escape reality - because of age regression

BUT that is not the ONLY way to indentify as a Little.

If you consider your mental age lower than your biological age by any mean - you are Little.

Your mental age can be 2 , 4, 7 and even 13 ( Middle)
And still be an adult ( it is a combanation )
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By DaddyUpNorth
Not sure since im a daddy type but I know from some littles I've chatted with that it sounds like the walls broke down and you finally got to feel the very sensation you've been pining for. Could have just been so much built up repression of those desires and thoughts that the second you came into contact with your little side it was too much emotionally.

I don't cry but I shake uncontrollably when I get overly emotional like when I got to hold my first long term girlfriend as I never thought the day would come. Yes I basically collapsed from the shaking but managed to hold onto them to stop me. It's a great releasing feeling.

Just my view in the situation described.

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