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Hi, everyone! So, i currently having a long distance relationship with my Daddy. We were supposed to meet for the first time on the Saturday last week, but suddenly they have something to do at the work and told me we were gonna meet on the next day. I was in my little space at that moment and i couldn't understand that Daddy have to go to work. All i knew was Daddy already promised me to see me on Saturday. I was really mad to Daddy. Daddy tried to calm me down and even told me i can eat junk when we meet, but i was still mad. The next day, when i just woke up, i still felt mad to Daddy. I even started calling Daddy a liar and other nasty things. Then, i felt tired and went to sleep. When i woke up, i went out from my little space. My adult space felt so horrible to and started apologizing to Daddy. But, Daddy didn't reply to my message untill now. I'm still doing my daily task (saying good morning and night, taking pics of my meals and water intake, taking my daily meds, and telling Daddy about my day).

I still feel horrible and very guilty now. I'm not even sure if Daddy still want me. Do i need just wait and give Daddy some space?
You need to take accountability for your emotional outbursts.

Being Little, feeling like a child in some way, doesn’t excuse you from treating others appropriately and acceptably. You’re not above others.

While it may have been frustrating to have plans fall through, resorting to name-calling—especially toward your partner who is also suffering from the same situation, which is also out of their control—is absolutely and entirely unacceptable.

I don’t know all that was said but this teeters into potentially being considered abuse of your partner. If you had been verbally abused would you just want your partner to ignore what they did to you? Would you just “need space” and that’s all? You need to apologize and do better. Being Little is not an excuse to do this to others. There’s no reason you should just be quietly going about your routine and expecting your partner to completely overlook your abusive behavior from a few days ago. Literally, you knew better but have chosen to avoid emotional responsibility because you think children do this. It’s unacceptable.
By Deleted User 70612
Being little does not mean you are a real child and can go around stomping your feet and acting out when you don't get your way. We are still adults and still need to act that way and understand that our partners have real world things to do. We can not use littlespace as an accuse to abuse another.

I see way to may littles use that to get away with behavior that a real child would. You are not a real kid, we are not real kids. We are still adults!! I am sorry if this hurts some of us on here but in the end we need to understand that we still need to act and behave as such. If you wrong your partner they have every right to act upset. You don't just get a free pass to behave that way. I too am a little and do not use this accuse to get away with anything to abuse my daddy in anyway.
I know i'm wrong and i tried to apologize to Daddy, but they haven't replied my messages yet. I'm truly regret of my actions and ready for any consequences. I'm planning to talk about it with my Daddy as 2 adults, when they replied to my messages l
By Deleted User 70612
Then you need to just give him time or prepare yourself for the worse that he doesn't want anything to do with you. Just going to be honest with you here. It all depends on your relationship up to now and how it has been.

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