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Hello everyone :>.<:

I don't really know where to start but I need help. I'm recently diagnosed with some sort of sickness and I just been feeling like a burden to my daddy. Oh before I forget to mention, we're in a long distance relationship. Nobody from our family or friends knows about our ddlg relationship.

Going back, he's been there throughout but we haven't been intimate for a long time now and I've been worried that I'm just not satisfying him anymore. We talked about this and he said nothing's changed; that I'm just overthinking. The thing is, the sickness I got changed things with my body. And I guess I just don't feel cute enough or pretty enough for him when I see other pretty littles every day. I sound so insecure right now and maybe I am. We've tried a couple of times (sexthing and teasing) but work and other personal stuff comes in the way. He's been busy while I've been sick.

Recently, I got another health scare and that caused me to be so overwhelmed because i thought I was getting better. Remember, nobody knows about my little space so I haven't been in my little headspace because I have to put up the tough act and keep myself together so my family continues to see me as the strong girl beating this sickness. Then all the frustration, sadness, and insecurity got mixed up together and I got overwhelmed. I've started being bratty but my daddy is soft so he's always the whatever you say type of guy. I snapped at him last night because he said he noticed that something was wrong but he's not bringing it up because we already had a call about it and he's waiting for me to figure it all out. Then he started saying things like I did this, I did that, you're the one who didn't return any of those. So yeah, I had a tantrum and asked for a moment to be by myself. Now I'm scared we'll break up.
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This sounds like there have been some secondary things that happened because of your Illness and those things have left you feeling very downtrodden and skeptical of your self worth. Your daddy has chosen to be with you and stayed with you through things. That shows he cares, you need to work through things together. Yes if needed take some time for yourself and look at the relationship you two have. But it sounds like you value this relationship so fight for it, acknowledge that nothing is perfect but what you two have together is worth fighting for.

So often we see things on the internet and compare ourselves to these impossible standards. I at one point compared myself to another and saw how much more money they made and was distraught by that, thought I was minuscule by comparison, that there was no way I could be of value. I realized though just because they made more money that I wasn’t worthless I just had other things to give and help with. We aren’t one facet we are a myriad of components. When someone loves you they don’t just love one aspect, they love all of you. If the love is strong enough it will survive anything.

I am rambling a bit so I guess what I am trying to say is this. Fight for love, for a love tested and reforged through trials is validated and stronger. If it breaks it will hurt, but you will not be left with the question of but what if? You know you will have done your best.
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