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By MommaCas
Hey there! I'm a CG and last night my little asked me to sing songs for him to help him get to sleep. I was wondering if anyone on here could share some songs they or their littles enjoy for this sort of thing.
It'd be so much appreciated if i could get some song ideas <3

-Cas (They/She/He/It/Neos)
By Deleted User 70612
Maybe ask your little what his favorite song is that he wants you to sing to him. Also you can google kids bedtime songs you will find lots. Not all little's like the same songs.
By Deleted User 70612
Also bedtime songs are special moments between you two and songs are special and should be something you two pick together.
Oh, I know, just he hasn't really listened to any kinds of songs that'd fit for bedtime songs because that kinda stuff wasn't an option in his first childhood. I was just asking for some recommendations in case he turns out liking the same songs as other littles.
I did also ask him if he has any songs in mind that he wanted me to sing and he didn't have ideas.
By Deleted User 73026
Not going with a specific song but I always recommend Cocomelon for lots of little songs, and likely you can use those as springboards to go into other songs as well.

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