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By Deleted User 73026
Glad you are interested in the gaming nights! There is a link to the telegram channel we have setup for the gaming nights currently. Telegram is a free application that ensures a very high level of privacy for yourself and others, and generally we meet weekly on Friday nights. Read the posts from earlier in the logs here and you'll find the right link -- there were a couple I had to post because I was a dunderhead and made a channel, not a group chat initially, but the one link that is still active will get you where you need to be!
By Deleted User 73026
Tonight we will be having our second gaming night! We will be using the same link as posted before so check in an earlier post for the link for the game link! We will be posting it as well in the main chat when the time comes around as well, also upon request can post it again in main chat for people coming in a bit later! As normal the games will start at 8:00 PM CST!
By Deleted User 73026
We just concluded our second Littlespace gaming night, we are still in our infancy, but are growing quick! Look forward to seeing our game nights grow up and have 10+ people on average. Had lots of fun and a few jovial mishaps with drawings going awry. Overall, was nice to spend time with some people and just have fun! Next week we will likely be looking towards trying another game of some sort, so if you have suggestions note them below!
By Deleted User 73026
Good day everyone! We are going to be adding in card games to our littlespace gaming night tonight! I believe we will be adding in gin rummy, a simple card game where you match numbers and make runs of numbers. It’ll help all those little ones learn how to count and match, after all! We will be splicing it with a few rounds of skribbl as well, so don’t worry we are going to keep things lively and fun! Look forward to seeing everyone there will be posting the room links as per normal later!
By Deleted User 73026
Hiya everyone! For littlespace gaming nights, they are bigger than one person, so while I am feeling a bit down and out -- and need to just take a personal evening after the work week i've had I still want everyone to enjoy time together. So feel free to use this forum to discuss game ideas and have fun! And game nights don't have to be a once a week thing, gather people together and find a room from one of these links and just enjoy time together! I will be resuming game nights as of next week and hosting. The links for Skribbl and a slew of cards games are below! Hope everyone has a wonderful night.
- Choose your name
- Customize avatar
- Make Private room
- copy code and paste in this forum
- Choose game
- Create table
- share table number with group so they can join
By Deleted User 73026
To elaborate my taking the night off was just for this past Friday, we are still running the gaming nights as per normal. Just wanted to elaborate in case there was any confusion overall. Look forward to seeing everyone Friday as per normal at 8:00 PM CST!
By Deleted User 73026
We are picking up gaming again tonight! So far on the agenda is a lil skribbl round or two, and some card games! As always the game night starts at 8:00 PM CST for those interested! Earlier in this thread is the join for the Telegram group ties to this as well, generally we use the in game chats to talk back and forth. Will post the skribbl link in here later and when we move to other games will post those likewise!

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